Our Back Story

What Brought Us Here


 Ashley grew up on a family farm outside of Viking, Alberta with her mom, dad and older brother.  As a little girl she loved her animals, which still holds true to this day. Riding her horses to check cows, and hanging out in the barn with her cats and dogs were her favorite things to do. Spring seeding and harvest in the fall added extra bustle on the farm, but she enjoyed that, also.

To this day, when she isn’t busy with something else, you can still catch her at the family farm working with her animals.

Another area of Ashley’s life that sparks a fire within her is her passion for nutrition. Anyone that knew her growing up knew she had a passion for food...but maybe not in the healthiest of ways. It was only after her mom was suddenly diagnosed with a rare cancer and passed a short time later, that she began to dig deeper and find the calling she knew was for her.

The name Best Life Nutrition stems from a letter Ashley’s mom wrote to her before she passed away. At the end of the letter she states “...Live your best life...” which Ashley has taken to heart, and in turn used as inspiration for naming her business. Helping clients to live their best lives is what she strives to do while living her own.